Dominated by sprawling mountain ranges and isolated valleys, travel in Anemoi is reliant on Airships. Airships are a common sight in Anemoi, used being used for trade, travel and war they influence all walks of life. Airships are kept in the air thanks to the magic of Volan Priest. The last remnant of the Volan Empire that in centuries past ruled the world from atop castles in the sky. Today the power of the Volan Priesthood comes not from military power or territory but a monopoly flight.

While the Volan Priesthood is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, organization in Anemoi the majority of the land and military power of the world is held by Four Empires.

The Empire of Boreas holds dominion over the north of the continent, a harsh and cold expansive of land. LIke their homeland the Boreas of a tough and resilient people governed by the Iron fist of the Aquilo Dynasty. The Aquilo established their Dynasty by reuniting the empire after it had fallen into a one hundred year civil war known as the Age of Wolves. The Empire has one of the flattest areas of land in Anemoi making its operation less reliant on Airships than any other state. Due to this Volan religion and influence is not as widespread in Boreas. In its place the common people of Boreas practice a nationalist cult that cast the Borean Royals in role of ancient and primal gods. The Royals themselves however do pay lip service to the Volan Church in order to maintain their fleets of military airships.

The Eurus Federation hold the coastal and riverlands in the east of Anemoi. The Federation is ruled by a class of merchant princes who make their wealth from the importing of goods from the heathen lands across the sea. The Federations dealings with the heathen lands has often put them under scrutiny from the Volan Priesthood.To add to the tension the Eurus maintain a large naval fleet to facilitate its overseas trade without paying the tithes to the Volan required to operate airships.

The Council of Zephyrus rules in the west. A coalition of Kingdoms ruled by long standing Royal lineages, Zephyrus is ruled through an elected council of royals. Elected by the popular consent of the other Kings and Royal families of Zephyrus the council rules commands the coalitions combined armies. While individual kingdoms maintain sovereignty over their own land and maintain militias under their own banner, the Council holds the ultimate authority in Zephyrus. The Council was formed in response to Zephyrian lands being invaded by the Boreas Empire ten years ago. The Borean Invasion reached a stalemate after seven years of total war.Through the mediation of Volan Priesthood a ceasefire was reached which remains in place to this day. Tension between the two states however remain tense and border skirmishes are not uncommon.


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